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Thank you for visiting our site. Since 2000, we have managed investments for employer-sponsored retirement plans - such as 401(k) – as well as individual investors.

Our tagline, “Clear Direction…Clear Future,” is our promise to deliver financial advice in a way that brings clarity to planning for a retirement that is both rewarding and realistic.

We are not like most other firms. We are independent, with no ties to a large brokerage firm that might conflict with our focus on putting you first.

Another thing that makes us different, is that our team includes a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, and an ACCREDITED INVESTMENT FIDUCIARY™ practitioner. We are free to deliver financial solutions that best meet your needs…with no hidden fees.

With no advertising campaign, we rely on quality service, and “word of mouth,” to grow our business. Meaning, you won’t be treated like just another number, and there is no corporate bureaucracy when you need an answer.

Through this site, we welcome you to learn about our approach to serving retirement plans and investors.

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