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It Starts With a Clear Vision

A secure retirement might not be your only financial goal, but it’s probably the biggest one.  At LUMIN, we know what it takes to get you there.  Planning for retirement has become more than a matter of accumulating a nest egg.  Longer life-expectancies, wage uncertainty, rising healthcare costs, and the need to support aging parents, are just a few issues that can challenge a long-term plan.  Add to that, your habits and desires will likely change as you get older.

We will help you address the issues and set a clear course, by answering questions such as…

  • How long will my portfolio last…and how much can I afford to withdraw?
  • How do I decide the best age to start receiving Social Security benefits?
  • Since I have various investments, what is the best method to withdraw from my IRA, Roth, annuity and trust accounts?
  • What is the best Medicare supplemental coverage for me?
  • How do I prepare for unexpected health expenses, like Home-Health or Assisted Living?
  • What will be the tax consequences of making these decisions?
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