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Estate Planning

Did you know that you already have an estate plan?

Anyone who owns assets has an estate. When you factor in home values, retirement accounts, life insurance and the effects of inflation, you might find that you have a larger estate than you realize. Upon a person’s death, those assets must, by law, be properly distributed. Without proper planning, a court could determine the distribution of that property, which may not be the best for your family.

Our advisors will help you sort through the important personal and quality-of-life issues, as well as developing a strategy that applies to the financial framework necessary.

A well-prepared estate plan can accomplish several things for you, such as…

  • Minimize the emotional stress and financial burden on your family
  • Provide a thoughtful plan for leaving gifts to your loved ones and/or charities
  • Avoid unnecessary estate taxes, and ensure that there will be sufficient cash to pay any taxes
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